Torque converter

The Bossard Online Torque Converter is used for converting different torques, such as newton metre, dyne metre, kilogram force metre, ounce force inch etc.


Instructions: First, select the respective torque units to be converted. Next, enter a number into one of the two fields. The result is automatically converted after every change/entry.

Torque conversion

Torque is a composite physical variable for a force applied to a lever arm with a rotational movement. A bolt assembly using a force applied perpendicularly to the wrench results in a torque of M = force = lever arm with unit newton metre [Nm].

List of abbreviations

Abbreviation Torque unit
kN m kilonewton metre
N cm newton centimetre
N m newton metre
N mm newton millimetre
dyn cm dyne centimetre
dyn m dyne metre
dyn mm dyne millimetre
kgf cm kilogram force centimetre
kgf m kilogram force metre
kgf mm kilogram force millimetre
gf cm gram force centimetre
gf m gram force metre
gf mm gram force millimetre
ozf ft ounce force foot
ozf in ounce force inch
lbf ft pound force foot
lbf in pound force inch