Bossard logistics solutions promote smooth and reliable supply of C-parts and lower total costs of ownership. One solution known around the world is Bossard SmartBin.

Reliable, flexible and transparent 

SmartBin simplifies complexity and brings transparency into the supply chain.

Total Logistic Solutions

The complete solutions include far more than just an intelligent logistic system, they also include services that lead to huge cost savings.

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SmartBin Intelligent Logistic System
Bossard Customer Logistics

Fast and automated inventory management – SmartBin makes it real. Required C-parts are automatically ordered online and delivered on time, without any effort.

Bossard Inventory Management (BIM)

Industry research shows that the cost of managing C-parts makes up about 50 % of the total procurement costs. The actual value of these parts, on the other hand, represents only 5 % of the procurement volume.

This offers an enormous cost savings potential. Bossard logistics systems reduce the amount of work involved in procuring C-parts. You can concentrate on your core activities.


  • Administration effort for C-parts management is limited to the minimum necessary
  • Less tied-up capital
  • Sources of errors are largely eliminated 

Depending on your needs, Bossard offers various levels of support

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Conventional Logistic Systems
Bossard Code Logistic System

Well-known and straightforward logistic systems to increase process reliability, reduce inventories and lower process costs

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Potential Savings

With optimization of processes and minimization of costs you can save money.

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