Total logistics solutions

Bossard is a pioneer in the logistics solution for C-part management. Ranging from traditional 2bin to fully automated SmartBin, we provide the logistic solution best fits your needs.

What we do is beyond logistics system, it is about the supply chain know-how and on-site operation support. And it is about managing your inventory.

The logistics solutions offering consists of three different system approaches which include different services:

  • SmartBin – the unique, fully-automated logistics system with sensor monitoring
  • Bossard 2bin – the well-known and straight forward logistics system with bin exchange
  • Bossard Code / SmartCard – the simple electronic logistics systems which use barcodes or RFID

 Overview logistic systems

Read more about SmartBin

Read more about 2Bin and Code

With Bossard logistics solutions, costs, time and efforts can be reduced in the whole supply chain. It's worth it!

Cost saving potentials in logistics 

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