Bossard Quality Levels

Defining the right quality

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Safeguard Against Loosening

Adhesive coatings create a high level of protection against independent loosening

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Smart solutions for the railway sector

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Bossard Selection

Bossard Selection is a carefully selected combination of multifunctional fasteners.

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DELTA PT® - The Screw for Thermoplastics

Optimal material flow, superior vibration resistance, high torsional strength and tensile strength, calculable performance

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DIN 7500 - Trilobular Thread-Forming System

Cost-efficient application, increased strength of fastened joint, metric and regular thread, high-vibration resistance

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ecosyn®-fix - Reliability and Efficiency

ecosyn®-fix screws save assembly time, management costs and ensure reliability in the application.

Size: 465 KB Format: PDF Download

Easy to use, cannot be forgotten, defined lubrication, short assembly times

Size: 1.7 MB Format: PDF Download
ecosyn®-lubric Bolted Joints

Tribological dry coating, no elaborate lubricating procedures

Size: 1.6 MB Format: PDF Download
ecosyn®-plast - the Screw for Thermoplastics

Excellent load-bearing capacity, excellent process capability, high levels of binding safety

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ecosyn®-BCT blind rivet nuts

Bulge Control Technology (BCT) rivet nuts offer versatile and high performance solutions to many blind rivet nut applications. ecosyn®-BCT determines precisely where the rivet nut will collapse allowing it to be installed in many non-conventional blind applications.

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Engineered Parts – Your Design, our Competence

Competent partner, proven quality, highest supply reliability, optimum price-performance-ratio

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Fastener Calculators - Easy to Deal with C-Parts

Engineers, technicians, designers and students working with design and assembly of bolted joints will find this package of calculators useful.

Size: 793.3 KB Format: PDF Download
Fastening Elements - All Metal

Multi-functional fastening elements, will not become loose, will not unscrew, will not be lost

Size: 373.3 KB Format: PDF Download

Higher torque transfer, low wear, low contact forces, no «came out» effect

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Mikalor - Hose Clamps

Broad product range, excellent price-performance ratio, quality European product

Size: 2.8 MB Format: PDF Download
Nord-Lock - Unsurpassed Safety

Simplest assembly, maximum safety against loosening, tried and trusted worldwide

Size: 2.2 MB Format: PDF Download
Self-Cutting Screws - Direct Screwing in One Step

Intelligent assembly and disassembly, wide range of possible applications

Size: 1.4 MB Format: PDF Download
SHEETtracs® - Secure Thin Sheet Fastening

High-strength fastening, good vibration resistance, reliable process for manual and electric screw-driver, compatible with metric screws

Size: 2.2 MB Format: PDF Download
Speed Rivets

FASTEKS® speed rivets are preloaded on the riveting mandrel.

Size: 981.8 KB Format: PDF Download
FASTEKS threaded inserts

Solid metal bushing to create high pull out forces in soft materials.

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Sprung Pressure Screws for Precise Positioning

Precise positioning, rapid fixing, secure locking, wide range of applications

Size: 721.1 KB Format: PDF Download
Thread Locking and Sealing - Integrated Locking Features

Integrated thread locking, high locking-effect

Size: 607.1 KB Format: PDF Download
Rivet Technology - A wide range of blind rivets

Our comprehensive FASTEKS® blind rivet range of different rivet types, different combinations of materials, head shapes and diameters offers the appropriate rivet for your application.

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Tribological dry coatings

Increase process reliability while lowering total costs of fastening with coating solutions from Bossard.

Size: 436.3 KB Format: PDF Download
Thread Lock and Sealing

Non-reactive coatings

Size: 512.9 KB Format: PDF Download
Key locking inserts

Key locking inserts are extremely durable and withstand numerous loosening and tightening cycles without thread stripping.

Size: 421.6 KB Format: PDF Download
bigHead® Fasteners

bigHead® fasteners satisfy all demands as universal high-specification connections resistant to tearing off and tearing out. They are ideally suited for concealed use in plastics, wood or laminates.

Size: 1.8 MB Format: PDF Download
ecosyn®- grip

Loosening safeguard at full load-bearing capacity

Size: 1.8 MB Format: PDF Download
Sealing & flow control technology

Reliable metal-to-metal sealing plugs

Size: 5.5 MB Format: PDF Download

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