Forward-looking cooperation with SES-imagotag

November 21, 2019

The Bossard Group and SES-imagotag, global market leader for digital in-store technologies in the retail sector, are entering into a forwardlooking partnership in the field of industrial and logistics IoT solutions. The cooperation will be consolidated under the newly formed company PDi Digital GmbH in which Bossard holds a 30 percent participation. The new venture will combine both companies long-lasting know-how: Bossard’s high competence in the field of automated logistics solutions for the industrial sector and SES-imagotag’s specialized expertise into Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) technologies in retail.

In recent years, the Bossard Group has made a concerted effort to position its proven expertise in smart process management and automated logistics solutions (Smart Factory Logistics) beyond industrial sectors. This push toward diversification mirrors SES-imagotag’s own commitment to bringing its ESL technologies to companies outside its established retail customer base.

The new cooperation benefits from a wealth of combined expertise. SES-imagotag is the world’s market leader for Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) technologies and pricing automation in the retail sector. The company has equipped 20,000 retail stores worldwide (including Switzerland) with over 200 million electronic price tags. For its part, the Bossard Group is a market leader in process optimization for the supply of fastening solutions to the industrial sector – an expertise utilized by many companies in the industry and other branches. The combined know-how of the two partners creates a solid foundation for PDi Digital to become a major player in various industries.

To reach this goal, Bossard will bring in its business activities from its subsidiary Effilio becoming part of the new venture. As a result, PDi Digital will benefit from Bossard’s expertise in smart operating systems (especially the ARIMS platform), which can optimize entire supply and processing flows. In addition, the company will have access to all the technologies developed by SES-imagotag.

Overall, we believe this partnership will offer additional growth potential in sectors we have not yet exploited. The broad-based marketing of proven expertise in structuring production and logistics processes in industrial and service enterprises is one area of growth that Bossard intends to fully leverage in the coming years.


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