Bossard Arena remains Bossard Arena

February 20, 2020

Bossard Arena, CH-Zug



The rights to the name of the ice hockey stadium remain with Bossard AG for an additional five years. The extension is part of the contract established in 2010 for the naming rights of the then newly built ice stadium.


Bossard AG has exercised its option to extend the naming agreement for the period from August 1, 2020, to July 31, 2025. The extension option and the conditions were already agreed upon when establishing the contract ten years ago. The city of Zug is pleased about the continuation of the established stadium name "Bossard Arena". As agreed in the primary contract, the proceeds will, in turn, flow into the building or the maintenance and renewal of the technical facilities of the ice stadium. Both top-class sport and visitors will benefit from this.

The city thanks Bossard AG for the many years of commitment – to sport and other vital projects in the region. With the extension of the contract, Bossard AG confirms the positive effect of the naming rights on the company's good reputation.

The city of Zug and Bossard AG are aware of the importance of the ice hockey team of Zug (EVZ) as an image carrier for the city. The sporting and economic development of the EVZ is directly related to the new ice rink built ten years ago. The partnership relationship with the ice hockey club is to be maintained.


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