Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

To Bossard, sustainability is about balancing financial results, environmental management and social advance to the best of all stakeholders. Among our considerations are

  • what we offer customers
  • how we procure products
  • how we engage with suppliers.


Moreover we assess risks and opportunities taking the health and safety of our employees, our sub-contractors and others affected by our activities into consideration. We follow ISO 26000, guidance on social responsibility. The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.

Watch what ISO 26000 stands for

Bossard Governance

We acknowledge that organizational governance is a crucial factor in enabling an organization to take responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities with regards to social responsibility. Within our own organization but also stretching to our business relationships.

Bossard has policies for work environmentenvironmental behavior and how we want to set responsible social footprints. In addition we have defined external requirements, code of conduct for suppliers.

Human rights and labor practices

Bossard respect and live human rights. Internally in our company as well as within the spheres of our interest. We distance ourselves from any kind of forced labor or compulsory labor as well as child labor. We believe in equal opportunities and non-discrimination and will work against any deviations from these principles. We stand for fair and decent conditions of employment in a healthy and safe working environment.

Business relationships

As a company we comply with all legal obligations. In addition our company governance includes social responsibility as defined in ISO 26000. It also means that we are not only responsible for our own actions, but also have a strong responsibility to directly influence our business relationships. We are buying worldwide and all our suppliers must meet high standards in business ethics, environmental behavior and labor welfare. We only do business when respect for people and environment is obvious and we monitor our business relations regularly. Suppliers are asked to sign Bossard's Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes rules for social and environmental responsibility.

Fair operating practices

Bossard works for anti-corruption, responsible involvement in the public and political sphere, fair competition, respect for property rights and socially responsible behavior. Our organization is trained in what fair operating practices means to us, our position and actions.

Environmental management

We know that our decisions and activities invariably have an impact on the environment. We protect the environment with our own processes and technologies by complying with local laws and under the standard ISO 14001. Environmental matters at the local, regional and global level are interconnected. We ask our sub-contractors to utilize similar systems to reduce the overall environmental impact. We keep updated with substances and materials which could have a harmful effect on humans or the environment. Substances identified by global and regional directives, such as e.g. REACH, RoHS and PFOS are immediately dealt with.

Community involvement

Bossard wishes to contribute to the development of the societies where Bossard is present. We act according to Bossard values always respecting the local culture and laws. The local communities are as important to Bossard as we are to them, providing job opportunities, co-operating with educational centers, the people who work and live there and any other local stakeholder.

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