Doing the right thing
from the beginning

Finding the most fitting fastening solution at the early stages of planning and designing a new product, will contribute towards a systematic reduction in your production and assembly costs.

Doing the right thing from the beginning

Our expertise lies in providing the right kind of fasteners, nuts, bolts and joints for your fastener application requirements. We provide technical advice from the moment you start designing your new product.

Engineering Services

Call on the services of the Bossard expert team in fastening technology as soon as you begin the development of a new product. This will help you avoid significant costs during the production and assembly stages.


Engineering Services

Challenges in fastening

As trivial as the function of fasteners might be, the requirements are often challenging. To name only a few: hydrogen embrittlement, galling, corrosion, anti-loosening.


Quality and test laboratories

The fastening elements of your product need to be reliable and safe. Some applications even need written proof before they can be used.

In the Bossard labroratories fixing elements are tested with the latest equipment. The well-documented test results are the basis on which you make your decision about the right connection.

Bossard Test Laboratories

Technical resources

Find detailed technical information about fastening technology:

  • Materials and mechanical properties of fasteners and nuts
  • Corrosion protection, rust- and acid-resistant materials
  • Design, construction and assembly
  • Metric ISO threads
  • Tables, tolerances, standards

Technical Resources

Online converters and calculators for fasteners

The Bossard calculators and converters are designed for engineers, technicians, designers and students involved in the development and assembly of bolted joint.

Online converters and calculators for fasteners

CAD design suite

The state-of-the-art CAD tool supports your product and design choices with animation, two- and three-dimensional views in varying detail and additional smart features.

CAD online portal

Success stories

Experience the success stories we developed together with our customers. 


Check the stories out

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