Bossard calculators and converters are designed for engineers, technicians, designers and students involved in the development and assembly of bolted joint.

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Online converters

The Bossard «Online converters» are used for converting different units of measure, such as lengths, hardnesses, pressures etc. The converters are divided into topic areas to enable the most efficient selection possible.

Length converter  Bossard Torque Converter  Bossard Pressure Converter Bossard Force Converter
 Length converter Torque converter  Pressure converter  Force converter
Bossard Metric - Inch converter Bossard Hardness converter    
 Metric ↔ inch
fasterners converter
 Hardness conversion    

Online calculators for design / production

The Bossard calculators for design / production are used for dimensioning and implementation in the joining technology.

Drill hole size for tapped threads Bossard Pilot hole design tapping screw
Bossard Pilot hole design eocsyn-plast Bossard Tolerances shaft and holes
 Drill hole size
 for tapped threads

 Pilot hole design
 for tapping screws
 Pilot hole design
 for ecosyn®-Plast
 Tolerances for
 shafts and holes

Online calculators for technical design

Bossard calculators for design are used for dimensioning and designing in the joining technology.

Estimation of bolt size and property class
Disc Spring Calculator
Cost Savings Calculator  Thread engagement length calculator 
 Estimation of
 bolt size and
 property class
 Disc spring
 Cost Savings
 Thread engagement
 length calculator
Bossard Torque and preload with nut factor - Inch
Bossard Torque and preload factor Inch with tool accuracy
Bossard Torque and preload factor Metric with tool accuracy Bossard preload friction scatter
 Torque and preload
 with nut factor
 Torque and preload
 with nut factor
 and tool accuracy
 Torque and preload
 with nut factor
 and tool accuracy
 Torque and preload
 with friction
Torque and preload for customized geometry and material
Torque and preload Calculator     
 Torque and preload
 for customized geometry
 and material
 Torque and preload

Apps for mobile devices

Some Bossard Online calculators and converters are available as practical app. You remain mobile at all times. For further information, visit the App Store.

App Store

Download the Bossard converter/calculator app now from iTunes.

This app contains the following tools:
  • Converters: Length Converter, Torque Converter, Pressure Converter, Force Converter, Metric-imperial Units Fasteners Converter, Hardness Conversion
  • Geometrical Calculators: Drill Hole Size for Tapped Threads, Pilot Hole design for Tapping Screws, Pilot Hole Design for Ecosyn®-plast Screws, Tolerances for Shafts and Holes
  • Mechanical Calculators: Estimation of Bolt Size and Property Class, Disc Spring Calculator, Cost Savings Calculator, Thread Engagement Length Calculator, Torque and Preload with nut factor (imperial system), Torque and Preload with Nut Factor and Tool Accuracy (imperial system), Torque and Preload with Nut Factor and Tool Accuracy (metric), Torque and Preload with Friction Scatter, Torque and Preload for Customized Geometry and Material, Torque and Preload Calculator


The engineering calculators are free to use under the terms and conditions set out under Imprint. The calculators shall facilitate and support you when designing products. The results depend on assumptions you provide. We do not guarantee their accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. For a thorough engineering advice please contact us.

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