Bossard Quality and Test Laboratories 

Proven expertise around the globe

The wide range of tests include:

  • Tensile and proof load testing
  • Drive and torsional strength testing
  • Hardness measurement
  • Measurement of coating thickness
  • Environment simulation test (corrosion test)
  • Chemical analysis
  • Pull-out tests on assembled fastening elements  
  • Vibration test to assess securing elements
  • Dynamic measurements of thread forming torque, stripping torque and breaking torque
  • Determination of the optimum tightening torque
  • Measurement of the resulting preload
  • Relaxation measurements on fastened joints
  • Friction coefficient tests


The benefit of these tests are clear:

  • The latest fastening technology
  • Shorter development times
  • Reliable and well-documented basis for decision-making
  • Competitive products  


Bossard's 14 accredited test laboratories in Europe, America and Asia, along with their cutting-edge measuring and testing equipment, ensure reliable quality assurance and flawless production quality. Download brochure for further details.



Tensile test




Universal tensile test




Hardness test 




Micro hardness testing




Measurement of coating thickness




Environment simulation test




Chemical analysis




Vibration test




Fastener assembly testing




Friction coefficient test




Multisensor measuring device




Design analysis / Microscope




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