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Design your product focusing on fasteners from the very beginning. Bossard's knowledge of assembly methodologies, fastening joints and technical resources can be the game changer for your product success.

Designing a safe, high-quality product, all while your competition increases the time pressure remains a challenge. As trivial as the function of a fastener might be, the requirements are demanding. The Bossard Expert Design enables you to increase the quality of your end product permanently with recommendations on materials and optimized conditions for assembly or with prototyping. Based on the knowledge of 3D prototyping and CAD big data.


In the development of your new product you can benefit from various advantages: 

  • Better in-place cost: choose the right fastening design
  • Lower production cost with faster assembly processes 
  • Lower cost of life cycle as a result of having the right quality of fastener


To design your best product, the Bossard Expert Design offers you a wide range of technical information and tools.  


Design your product with a focus on assembly methodologies from the very beginning. Gain from our expertise and let us find your best solution.

Expert Design

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