We are pleased to share with you examples of how we add value.

EUR 50,000 Savings Potential with Two New Screws
Valve for freight containers

Special circumstances require special product solutions. For our customer in Denmark, Bossard engineers developed two screws that not only can withstand very low temperatures and corrosion, but also increased pressure.

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156 man-days per year saved with one optimized fastener

The right fastener can make a big difference. One of our Korean customers profited from improved quality and savings with a custom solution to their fastening challenge.

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More safety in tunnels – fixing systems are heat resistant
Tunnel renovation

A fastening system to anchor fire protection plates at the metallic structure on the ceiling for a tunnel renovation in Paris was required.

With ecosyn®-MRX, a solution for highest safety was found. At the same time, the customer was able to reduce the assembly time significantly.

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Riding fast? We care that you do it safely
Downhill biker

High-end aluminium bicycle frames and specialty components are the core business of our customer BMC Switzerland.

Previously used screws for bicycles needed to be improved. A re-designed bolt with improved anti-vibration and anti-loosening function, increased safety for cyclists.

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Much more than a few fasteners

Thanks to careful analysis and close cooperation between the technicians at the customer’s and Bossard, step-by-step improvements and enhancements were able to be implemented. These have the effect of reducing costs on production and assembly. A partnership that brings sustainable competitive advantages for the manufacturer of lubricating and oil mist lubrication systems.

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Customized fasteners for sophisticated electric components

C&S Electric Limited, the Indian based manufacturer of low voltage switchgear and control gear was looking for tailored fasteners.

Based on the specific requirements, Bossard engineers created drawings of the fasteners needed for the Controls and Switchgears. Based on these, it could be shown, that the customer can use about half of the required fasteners from the wide-range catalog portfolio.

The international specialist for electric components now has not only the specific documentation for all components, but moreover the right fasteners at the right time and at the right place.

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Innovative yet reliable water sources

Hinni AG, the leading Swiss manufacturer of hydrants was looking for a more efficient manufacturing method for fastening solutions. ecosyn®-lubric does away with the need for lubricating screws, and the new, secure solution saves time and costs in the production.

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