The client was further interested in how the bolt would react in a test under the most extreme conditions. For this purpose endurance was measured over a whole month with over 4,000,000 pedal turns at

  • high vibrations and under
  • harsh environmental conditions.


This definitively proved the quality and performance of the newly developed fasteners. The tests took place not only in the company's own laboratories but were also certified by the external independent laboratory SGS.

On the ecosyn®-grip the washer has been replaced by a scalloped edge on the bolt head, which further reduces the risk of loss. Overall fewer fasteners and washers are required in the assembly process with the Bossard ecosyn®-grip, which

  • increases productivity and
  • considerably reduces material costs.


The most important thing however in this is that safety for cyclists has been increased thanks to the new bolt and it is bedded unobtrusively into the simple BMC design.


The highlights of Bossard ecosyn®-grip at a glance: 

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