The DIN 7500 standard was first published in the late seventies and has been updated a number of times since. Simultaneously with the publication of DIN 7500-2 “guideline values for hole diameters” the standard for screws was named DIN 7500-1. However, most often the screws are just referred to as DIN 7500.

DIN 7500 screws are thread rolling screws for metals that form an ISO metric thread upon installation. For a great number of applications the total in-place costs and joint performance can be optimized at the same time. This is the reason why DIN 7500 screws have greatly increased in popularity over the years and continue to be the first choice fastener for many situations. Peter Witzke from the Bossard Expert Team writes about:

  • Trilobular thread forming systems
  • Spiralform
  • Technical information and benefits
  • Standard screws and special developments


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