In this white paper you will learn how two smart inventors changed the business and provided solutions for a completely different way of designing. In the meantime, their innovations have become a standard in many industries, such as in automotive manufacturing and aerospace.

The objectives of this article are to provide for an understanding of the challenges design engineers face daily at meeting design requirements with sufficient knowledge and understanding of fastener technologies. Most mechanical engineers will assume that fasteners are easy to come by and rightly so due to the vast availability of manufacturers and services available in the market. However, a fastener meeting the specific design expectations is a whole different ball game altogether. When assemblies using fasteners are left till the end, often special fasteners will have to be acquired to meet the expectations. The writer will scope this article on the topic of lightweight in association with fastening technologies.

The white paper covers the following topics:

  • Change of the lightweight industry
  • Ken Stanley and his vision
  • How to realize new design opportunities
  • Controlled deformation for high loads


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