«Lean Production» is the current trend and represents even leaner and more target-oriented processes. Solutions for higher efficiency, lower consumption and longer service lives are being researched worldwide. When assessing new materials or processes for surface treatment or finishing, tribological properties such as friction, lubrication and wear are almost always a factor.

In industrial production, removable screw connections continue to be an important component while taking new designs and materials into account. With regard to material exploitation and process capability, ever-increasing requirements are demanded of the assembly processes. Therefore, the companies in the international field are under growing pressure to find even better solutions that support more efficient assembly conditions and longer operating cycles.

To realize «Lean Production» and successful connection solutions, Martin Rüedy from Bossard’s team of experts responds to the following questions:

  • How does friction influence process capabilities of screw connections?
  • Why should friction not be ignored?
  • What is most influenced by friction?
  • What are the benefits of lubrication, and what alternatives are available?


Download now your full white paper for free and discover more about the influence of friction on process capabilities of screw connections.

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