Bossard Australia

As part of a globally active group of companies, Bossard Australia procures and distributes connecting components of every kind ranging from standard fasteners like screws, nuts and bolts to custom manufactured parts suitable for unique applications. We also provide comprehensive engineering and logistics services associated with these C-parts to ensure all your fastening challenges are taken care of. Our aim is to improve your supply chain processes and help you become leaner through our smart factory solutions.

Being one of the superior market leaders of our industry in the three economic regions of Europe, America and Asia-Pacific, in Australia the sectors we serve, include (but are not limited to): electronic manufacturing, medical, power generation & power distribution, switchboards, heavy transportation, automotive & electric vehicles, marine and defence. Our core product offerings which are fully compliant with Australian standards include:

Product Solutions
Product Assembly Solutions

Our warehouses stock more than a million connecting components which are designed by innovative engineering to ensure optimal functionality, design, durability, and customer satisfaction. We also offer a wide selection of fastening parts such as blind rivets, threaded inserts and clinch nuts associated with top brands such as Panduit, bigHead, HeyCo, Essentra, Ejot and NordLock. Our cost-efficient individual solutions guarantee that with our help, you are able to transform challenges into opportunities.

Smart Factory Logistics

Our Smart Factory Logistics solutions are designed to transform your production by leveraging the power of Industry 4.0. Through IoT (Internet of Things) and machine-to-machine communication, our tools make your factory leaner, smarter and ultimately more efficient. Focus on your core competence while we optimise your B- and C-part management and increase transparency through our multifunctional logistics systems such as SmartBin, Smart Label, Smart Locker and Smart Card.

Assembly Technology Expert
Smart Factory Logistics

Assembly Technology Expert helps you find the right fastening solutions for manufacturing and makes your company more competitive by slashing time to market. Using our expert three-stage methodology helps reduce your production time and significantly cut costs:

Design  – focusing on fastening joints to design perfect products
Optimize  – hone your fastening process to perfection
Educate – become an expert in the science of fastening<


What our customers say about us

"1 smart idea, 1000 great benefits!"

Hilton Manufacturing, based in Melbourne, Australia, aims to continuously stay ahead of the pack in a ruthless manufacturing landscape. The initiative-driven company has managed to move beyond domestic growth to prove their value in new and expanding export markets based in Korea, Japan, Sweden and Canada. In pursuit of manufacturing excellence and lean manufacturing, Hilton chose to go ahead with Bossard’s Smart Factory Logistics SmartBin system. The results: huge cost reduction, enhanced stock turns and improvement in their Total Cost of Ownership. 

"Bossard's fastener solutions saved us 15% in costs!"

Universal Robots is a visionary Danish company which develops affordable robots for diverse businesses. Quality and safety are crucial when building robots because it is necessary for them to reliably withstand all the vibrations and stresses caused by repetitive movements. With this being a major hurdle, Universal Robots reached out to Bossard and we helped them achieve their goals by developing custom fasteners that reduce work effort while offering higher precision and reliability.


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