Bossard Malaysia

Bossard Malaysia specialized in providing standard connection elements, special parts or registered trademark solutions to meet the needs of your applications. Providing fastener solutions to customers through Product Solutions, Assembly Technology Expert and Smart Factory Logistics.

Product Solutions with full range of screws, nuts, rivets, washers, bolts, pins and electrical fasteners, over 1,000,000 different fastening elements and precision part. e-Shop:

Assembly Technology Expert Technical Consultants, the right choice of fastening solution speeds up assembly and reduces life cycle costs. Your products must not only be functionally and visually compelling, but also safe, economical and efficient to produce.

Smart Factory Logistics is one of Industry 4.0 concept giving customers the automated and lean way to manage also to optimise the inventory at the production.

The Malaysian region employs more than 50 people at its locations in Penang, Selangor, Johor and also covering at Vietnam market.

Smart Factory Logistics - Industry 4WRD by MITI
Smart Factory Logistics

In response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR),  Malaysia National Policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4WRD) is a proactive measure undertaken by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to transform the Malaysian manufacturing industry and its related services to be smarter, more systematic and resilient.

Smart Factory Logistics with innovative systems and custom solutions, we bring the Internet of Things (IOT) to your factory and facilitate machine-to-machine communication. Focus on your core competence while we make your B- and C-part management leaner and transparent. 

Read more about the different logistics systems:

Assembly Technology Expert - Technical Consultants
Assembly Technology Expert

From the moment you begin to develop a new product, our Assembly Technology Expert services deliver the smartest solution for all possible fastening challenges.

Bossard Assembly Technology Expert services help you find the right fastening solutions for manufacturing and make your company more competitive by slashing time to market.

Using a three-step methodology we help you reduce production time and cut costs significantly with the 15/85 rule of (TCO)


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