Medium Duty Products

Wide array of fasteners for your most commonly made sheet metal fabrications

Medium Duty Products covers some of the most diverse sheet metal fabrications for end users as diverse as medical, consumer goods, industrial and automotive. Applications are numerous and require a wide range of assembly solutions that we have shortlisted for you.


Control Elements
Control Elements

  • Quick and low-cost installation
  • Multiple options and configurations possible
  • Drop-in replacement for existing industry-standard panel preparation


Cage Nuts
Cage Nuts

  • Suitable for materials too thin or soft
  • High thread stripping resistance
  • Compensate positioning errors
  • Available grounding versions to ensure electrical conductivity


Clinching Fasteners
Clinching Fasteners

  • Fast and clean with double-side access
  • Provide easy maintenance access
  • Eliminate need for screws and allow for quick removal
  • Flush finish with no protrusion on back side


CD Stud Welding
Cd Stud Welding

  • Efficient welding of small diameter studs
  • Hole-free & one-sided welding process for limited access applications
  • Leaves no visible mark on panel A-side
  • Enable welding of aluminum & copper panels


Installation Equipment

  • Clinching  equipment  with  automated  part  feeder
  • Simplifies the operator job and increases quality thanks to gun LED display
  • More options are available on request



Medium Duty Products

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