The Bossard Product Solutions offering inlcudes standard fastening elements, ecosyn®, custom-made screws and branded products. In addition to the global offering, following Brands are available from Bossard Asia.

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Cirteq and their bearing positioning fasteners

All bearing positioning fasteners, such as retaining rings, circlips, snap-rings, are highly qualified through each specific process from raw material to surface treatment. The crucial on-site heat treatment enables to complete the entire control on mechanical specifications through each single ring.

The innovative solutions and years expertise bring customers more availabilities in today competitive markets. The application is well known to prevent other bearing parts from axial movement, which is widely applied to the industries as automotive OEM, trucks and agriculture equipment, heavy machinery, excavators, wind turbine and so on.



  • Expertise on bearing positioning fastener solutions with wide range of products
  • Quality oriented production attained ISO/TS16949:2009
  • Wire and toolings production in-house
  • Customized design available

Oetiker® Hose Clamps

Customer can obtain a reliably connecting solution in high-value applications with Oetiker® hose clamps, such as engine, oil cooler and radiator, transmission, air intake system, steering system in vehicle manufacturing.  In the meantime, its wide range and various types of ear clamps, worm drive clamps and straps also provide expertise in medical food & beverage, irrigation system, home appliance and other industrial assembles and connections. Oetiker brings quick and comprehensive solutions to overcome clamping and connecting challenges.



  • Leak Proof Design with Ear Clamps
  • Wide range of Clamps, Rings, Quick Connectors and installation tools.
  • Manufacturing to the high industry standards, ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO 14001 certified.
  • Monitoring and data collection of Process parameters with Electronically controlled pneumatic pincer which enable Industry 4.0.


UMETA, a high-end lubrication technology

UMETA creates their high quality grease nipples/fitting and grease guns, with expertise and experience, which thanks to the highly up-to-date production plants. One of the greatest advantages of their lubrication technology is the reliabilities and safe guarantee of maintenance and upkeep of high-quality machines and equipment for decades. Customers may also add value through the custom-made solutions on first-class advice and customer care.

To protect the lubrication point against dirt and humidity is the main task of UMETA products in applications. All application purposes worldwide will be found solutions from UMETA, which can mainly cover the Industrial and Machinery such as Linear Motion Guide, Bearing, Transportation and Automotive market to meet your needs. 



  • Eliminate grease leakages with Safelube® System.
  • Case hardened grease nipples are to ensure safety to eliminate major risk of injury if the lubrication coupling detaches itself due to defective nipples.
  • Various types and all standards available (e.g. DIN, ISO, SAE, BS, JIS),
  • individual custom-designed solutions
  • Ensure machines long lasted and save cost from maintenance.

Essentra® Locks & Latches

Mesan from Essentra®, a manufacturer of high quality Locks and Latches, has been serving the Enclosure market since 1979. It has a wide range of Hinges, Locks and Latches for Panel and Enclosure.

The products are developed for high performance, innovative, ergonomic customer-oriented products, sensitive to the environment and human health.


  • Products are RoHS compliant and comply to REACH standards.
  • Product with superior quality and leading the industry with innovative concepts.
  • Reduction of vibration and noise in the Train environment.

Thomas & Betts Explosion Proof Cable Glands

Kopex International, one of the brands from Thomas & Betts, manufactures a wide range of globally approved products in the protection for critical wiring in hazardous area’s. (Typically in the oil and gas environment, flour mill, etc). 

Products offering includes metallic and non-metallic explosion proof cable glands and fitting accessories.


  • Kopex® Cable Glands are approved by ATEX / IECEx / UL / CSA to meet safety requirements in hazardous area.
  • The product is IP68 rated to provide superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hole.
  • It provides protection to the internal wire from being stressed with a liquid tight strain relief feature.

Flaig + Hommel Lock-nut
Flaig + Hommel lock nuts

For more than 20 years, Flaig + Hommel Lock nuts have been successfully applied by the European railway industry.

The Flaig + Hommel Lock nuts are made up of two parts. The locking disc acts in both axial and radial direction.


  • maximum security 
  • anti-loosening 
  • anti-vibration solutions to the bolted joint assembly even under the highest dynamic stress
  • reliable even in difficult screwed connections (for example turbochargers, exhaust manifolds)
  • resistance to high temperatures (withstand temperatures up to 1000° C) 
  • corrosion resistant
  • reusable

Heyco® cable glands

Heyco®'s UL Listed/CSA certified liquid tight cord-grips, also known as cable glands, are used in enclosure and junction-box applications.

Integral sealing rings ensure a superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hole and have an IP rating of IP68. The cable glands are made of nylon construction with TPE sealing glands. Heyco also provides a wide range of cord-grips. It can be used with nylon or metal locknuts. 



  • Resist salt water, weak acids and gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents.
  • Superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hole and has an IP rating of IP68
  • The device consist of a liquid tight strain relief protection to prevent internal wire stress.

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