Light Duty Products

Comprehensive offering for your most precise sheet metal needs.


Light Duty Products encompasses your most precise and smallest fabrications for demanding and industry-specific requirements. Small and light weight fasteners must be used to enable further weight saving while fulfilling your most stringent performance requirements.


Rivets or Speed Rivets
ecosyn BCT

  • Fast and safe one-sided installation
  • High pull through and shear performances
  • Boost your productivity with speed rivets



Clinching Fasteners
Clinching Fasteners

  • Fast and clean with double-sided access
  • Available in metric and unified sizes for sheet as thin as 0.5mm
  • Usable on coated surfaces
  • Flush finish- no protrusion on back side


Electrical Fasteners
Electrical Fasteners

  • Cable ties guarantee maximum strength and safety
  • Compression cable lugs and terminals
  • Wiring ducts optimizing cable arrangements
  • Grommets protect wires passing through

Self-tapping Screws
Self tapping screws

  • Simple and safe assembly due to good alignment and low installation torque
  • High strength & vibration resistance through a 45 degree flank angle
  • Metric compatibility



Installation Equipment
Blind Rivet Gun

  • Available from handheld device to cutting edge, state of the art devices
  • Fast, efficient and productive for automatic insertion of hardware
  • Low energy consumption, cost saving



Light Duty Products

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