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At Bossard, we believe that our holistic view, Proven Productivity, is key to getting ahead with you, through developing solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective. 

Riveting solutions reliably connect two independent components to the material. Whether steel, plastic or other materials, with different material strengths and thicknesses, riveting solutions are able to securely hold them together. Even for bigger components, riveting solutions provide a safe hold without distortion or surface damage. Riveting solutions are commonly used across most industries as an economical and efficient fastening solution. They are ideal for tight spots and even in situations where the performance demands are high such as in a thin-walled, high tensile, soft or lightweight materials.

Bossard portfolio of riveting solutions include globally trusted brands as well as Bossard engineered riveting solutions that offer the best possible solution for every fastening challenge. Paired with our range of installation tools and stations compromising of manual and automatic installation tooling, pneumatic hand tooling as well as fully automated and process-controlled stations, ultimately maximising your productivity. Listed below are some of our product solutions. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.

To find out more about our product solutions, do contact us at pd.asiapacific@bossard.com


Blind Rivets & Nuts
Blind Rivets & Nuts

  • High strength rivets, wide-grip ranges, superior pull-up capabilities and hole filling with extreme tensile performance
  • Closed end rivets for watertight applications
  • Additional features such as tag rivets for pre-assembled tags in copper

Process Controlled Riveting Tool
Process Controlled Riveting Tool

  • Programmable battery blind rivet nut and blind rivet screw setting tool
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Integrated software for tool management & individual programming
  • Process documentation and quality assessment with force/stroke curve

Speed Rivets
Speed Rivets

  • Ideal for small and mid-sized series
  • Secure installation and high product safety
  • Quick reloading of magazine speed rivets without mandrel falling off

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