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Product Solutions

  • Thread Forming
  • Fastener for Plastic
  • Blind Fastening Solutions
  • Anti-Loosening and Anti-Vibration
  • Fasteners for composite materials
  • Self-clinching fasteners for thin and lightweight components


Assembly Technology Expert

  • Focusing on fastening joints to design perfect products
  • Hone your fastening process to perfection
  • Trends and innovations in fastening technology
  • Become an expert in the science of fastening


Smart Factory Logistics

  • Supplier Consolidation Solution
  • Logistics Solutions for Industry 4.0
  • Improve the Supply Chain Performance

We are glad to organize a customized seminar to meet your assembly, fastening and logistics needs.
Let us know which topic attracts you.

Past Seminars

2019 Branded product solutions seminar

Thanks to our distributors attended our product solutions seminar. Delightedly share with you our brand product and solutions. We are devoted to overcoming your assembling challenges and provide suitable solutions for you.

2019 Expert design seminar
2019 Bossard Taiwan expert design seminar

Bossard 6 services of Assembly Technology Expert provides the engineering solution to every fastening challenge. We design the engineering products for you and optimize your fastening process to perfection. Besides, we have the course to share our knowledge and experience in the science of fastening.

2018 Taipei Smart Factory Logistics Seminar
Bossard Taiwan 2018 Taipei Smart Factory Logistics Seminar

On September 7, 2018, Bossard Taiwan organized Smart Factory Logistics seminar for our logistics solutions and introduced our new logistics system - SmartLocker for you. Smart Factory Logistics is engineered to suit different manufacturing environments and production setups. At the end of the seminar, we had our engineering manager to share our Application Engineering service with you, hope you can reduce your assembly time and invisible costs. Thank you for coming! Should you want to know how to modernize your factory or our engineering service, please contact 04-24227701 or


Evaluate your factory automation process

2018 Taichung Smart Factory Logistics Seminar
Bossard Taiwan Smart Factory Logistics Seminar

On March 16, 2018, Bossard Taiwan was happy to share with you about our logistic experiences for our Smart Factory Logistics solutions, and also had the senior analyst, Kristy of MIRDC, to share fastener management of Industry 4.0. After this seminar, you realized how we automate and optimize your supply chain in your factory. Hope we can work together for your B and C parts. We appreciate your attendance and look forward to seeing you again. Should you want to know how to modernize your factory or our engineering service, please contact 04-24227701 or



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