Blue Zones Project

What is the Blue Zone's Project and How Can it Support You?

Blue Zones is an organization that helps optimize your lifestyle and surroundings. Who doesn't want to live a healthier, longer and happier lifestyle? Exactly how do you live longer though? Blue Zones studies suggest that by improving your lifestyle, people can look and feel better at any age and add up to ten years on to their life expectancy.

Cedar Falls was one of the first select cities to participate in Blue Zones Project by helping to obtain Iowa’s goal of becoming the healthiest state in the nation by 2016. The selected cities that were chosen to become Blue Zones sponsors were based off the communities support and leadership.

Blue Zones is an up and coming growing popularity in the Cedar Valley community. More than 12,000 people have taken the pledge to become a Blue Zones member and over 28,000 citizens have participated in one of the 43 events held. Just over 80 businesses have committed to making a healthier environment for their employers.

Bossard Takes Leadership in Cedar Valley Community 

In order for Bossard to show its support and leadership in the community it offers its employees a variety of healthy and happy lifestyle options throughout the day. Walking 30 minutes a day seems to be the employees’ favorite activity. When the sun is shining and the weather permits staff members have the option to walk outside and enjoy the weather. The warehouse is also shut down for 30 minutes a day for standard employee breaks. It serves as a hideaway from the blazing sun or cold winter days, walking is still available along a safe path. Walking not only gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs but it also give you a few minutes to relax the mind and coming back to work with a fresh mentality. While walking not only physically and mentally helps your health it is also beneficial emotionally. Walking 30 minutes a day gives you the chance to talk with your employee’s from different departments and build lasting friendships.

Bossard also incorporates Blue Zones well-being into its meal options as well. Catered meals and snacks are encouraged to have healthy options. Employees are informed of any Blue Zones activities that may be taking place in the Cedar Falls community such as cooking classes, volunteer groups and workshops where you can discover your gifts, talents and strengths to lead a more driven, meaningful life.

The Blue Zones Project designated Bossard this year as a Blue Zones Work Site. Bossard is committed to making its work environment a healthier and happier place. By doing so Bossard is a proud sponsor in leading citizens to a healthier lifestyle.

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