Expert Education - Bossard Fastener training for Engineers

Design, Optimize and Educate

When you develop a prototype, you consider every component and process. You want the final product to meet or exceed your well-considered specifications while getting to market as quickly as possible. Efficiency, process optimization, and continuous innovation help develop your competitive edge.

To assist in implementing these strategies with your fasteners, we’ve introduced our Assembly Technology Expert (ATE) services. The services can help reduce costs and cut production time. They focus on educating you on the science of fastening, boosting product design by improving joint assembly, and optimizing the fastening process. 

Expert Education

Become an expert in fastening technology by attending training sessions customized to your operations. Discover the engineering principles, applications, and assembly technologies needed to integrate fasteners into your production process.

Some of our popular course offerings include:

  • Anatomy of a fastener
  • Plating & Coating
  • Assembly Corrosion
  • Self Tapping Screws for Plastic & Metal
  • Reduced Assembly Cost
  • Bolted Joints, Which Torque Should I Use?
  • Bossard Engineering Tools
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement

Expert Services

Need to solve a mechanical joint problem right away? No problem.  Our Application Engineers are available right now to help solve any fastener related issue you may have.  Bossard offers Expert Test services, product tear-downs and line walks to help you solve known problems, discover hidden ones or optimize your production and improve your Value Chain.

Complete the form on this page and a Bossard Application Engineer will be in touch shortly.

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