1. Globalization of manufacturing operation
Globalization of manufacturing operation

With the globalization of manufacturing operations, having a global procurement network that can support and react to your supply chain needs is important. According to many chief procurement officers, selecting a strategic supplier that provides manufacturing locations with consistent global quality and a reliable local service, is a challenge.

Our solutions

  • Unique global footprint with 80 locations, 41 logistic centers and 14 application engineering laboratories around the world
  • 2,500 employees care for your concerns - worldwide


This makes Bossard a "glocal" preferred supplier!

Bossard global footprint

2. Safety and quality products

The pressure on manufacturers to produce high-quality products that are safe is an increasing challenge. The number of product recall cases is growing each day. It can damage a company’s reputation and is expensive to its bottom line.

Our solutions

High quality starts with selecting the correct raw material, deciding on the right production method according to international standards, and finally testing and proving it. Bossard's ten accredited test laboratories in Europe, America and Asia, along with their cutting-edge measuring and testing equipment, ensure reliable quality assurance and flawless production quality.

Bossard quality commitment

3. Shorter lead time, less inventory and better throughput
Shorter Lead Time

With shorter product life cycles and changing market demands, companies are forced to embark on a lean journey. It is important to note that the supply strategies in a lean environment support the operations strategy. The challenge is always to find not just a lean concept, but a working lean solution.

Our solutions

With a service for design and process optimization that focuses on boosting manufacturing productivity and lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), we grab the scruff of the neck. We use value stream analysis and provide a full report of our findings and recommendations.

Bossard Next Generation - ahead of competition

4. Supplier base consolidation
Supplier Base Consolidation

Consolidation of the supplier base can bring many advantages. It eliminates supply base variances and overheads, especially in the supply of C-parts. The challenge is to find a supplier with solutions and experience in supplier-based consolidation processes.  

Our solutions

Starting from automatic order placement at one central point, with Bossard total logistic solutions, we provide a complete concept to streamline the purchasing of all C-parts. In short, C-parts manage themselves.

Bossard total logistic solutions

5. Access to latest technology
Access latest technology

Access to the latest technology in various fields by having the right experts has proven to be a great support in new product development.

Our solutions

Our engineers are committed to finding solutions to ensure our fasteners are highly functional, durable and safe. With the latest know-how in fastening technology, we provide technical advice from the moment you start designing your new product.

Assembly Technology Expert offers fastening technical know-how to support your product development. The Expert Tool (Fastener Design Tool) features all the engineering apps required by design engineers.

Bossard Assembly Technology Expert

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