Proven Productivity – Making our customers more competitive

Getting ahead together with our customers means developing solutions that are better, faster, more efficient and more cost-effective and hence help our customers outperform their competition. At Bossard, we call this holistic view "Proven Productivity".



From the perspective of our customers, the interplay of Product Solutions, Assembly Technology Expert and Smart Factory Logistics has six core benefits:

  1. Time to market:
    This means that our customers’ products are brought to market faster – a crucial competitive advantage in a global environment where speed counts. 
  2. Lean process:
    For our customers, this means saving time, money and resources, being able to better calculate total costs – and above all, achieving higher margins. 
  3. Better throughput:
    This is one of the central cost aspects for our customers when it comes to boosting effectiveness – and especially improving efficiency.
  4. High quality:
    For our customers, this means absolute reliability in terms of product, process and production safety – and hence, less waste and fewer complaints. 
  5. Innovative technology:
    From a customer’s perspective this is crucial. Only companies open to new developments are ready to successfully forge new paths and go where no other competitor has gone before.
  6. Maximum reliability:
    For our loyal customers, this means knowing that they can rely on us and our long-time employees with the utmost confidence – not just now, but decades down the line.


As a promise to our customers, "Proven Productivity" hast two elements: 

  • It has been proven to work
  • It sustainably improves the productivity of customers

Read the case studies about how customers describe their experience in improving productivity.

Work together with us to uncover the potential along the entire value chain of industrial engineering. 
We look forward to speaking to you.

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