Reducting the complexity of order processing by 25%
YD Meng, General Manager, Bühler (China) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

"We chose Bossard not just because of their products but their philosophy of Proven Productivity"

Bühler is a world-leading producer of food processing machinery. This plant in Wuxi is the largest Buehler plant in the world. Suppliers and a supply chain is one of the reasons why we are successful. We always look for high quality suppliers. One of our strategies on supplier is long-term partnership. 

Simplify the management of logistics
There are many successful cases of our cooperation with Bossard in joint project teams. One of them simplifies the complexity of management. Bossard has provided a real value‐added service to us. Our staff work together with Bossard staff in project teams. For example, in the past 2 or 3 years, the types of our parts for the machinery have been reduced. It helps us to simplify the management of logistics with Bossard’s experience and knowledge.

We did not just choose their products. We chose their concepts. What makes Bossard different from others is they have solutions, for example SmartBin. It is very quick. Bossard helps to reduce the cost and to improve the productivity. Bossard also showed us how to standardize our products, to reduce the variety of our complexity that we currently have. With Bossard, we could reduce the variety of bolts and nuts by 20 percent and we could reduce the complexity of order processing by 25 percent.

What we value the most is that we find something in common with Bossard on some concepts and working methods when working together on global supply chain. For example, we have teamed up to solve the technical problems occurred during application. And we can respond to any problems quickly. I think this is the biggest value Bossard brings to us.

Ref. BOC-AE-MA-02915 

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