0 defects thanks to 360° engineering
Herbert Villiger, System Controls Software Engineer, Bystronic Laser AG, Switzerland

"Results speak for themselves – with Bossard"

One of our most innovative and successful products is a laser cutting system known as ByAutonom. Clients use it to cut sheet metal quickly and accurately in sizes up to 4 x 2 meters. We developed ByAutonom as an automated system that can be operated with low manpower in combination with our other automation systems. This system not only makes clients happy it has also won awards at trade shows. The first prototypes had only one small issue: The systems shut down repeatedly due to a malfunction in the electromechanical lock on the safety door for the laser equipment. After the initial trial runs, sporadic outages occurred.

The outages resulted in system shutdown, and this could be an issue for clients, especially for smaller companies that might only have one system. Depending on how their operations are organized, the entire plant might come to a standstill. And that would be costly. 

Minimized risk of production downtimes
Clearly, we needed a solution for our clients worldwide that would ensure ByAutonom’s reliable operation. We needed a durable technology for the lock on the safety door, and we needed it quickly. Our engineers contacted Bossard. We already had a successful partnership with them in logistics. They designed an innovative gear motor with lower power demand and a higher capacity. The locking mechanism, constructed entirely from metal, can be easily installed using two securing holes and thus saves installation costs.

After successful tests of the new locks, we began fitting ByAutonom with them – and the results speak for themselves: Not one lock has been defective since installation, and not a single system has stood idle because of a malfunctioning lock.

Ref. BOS-AE-MA-00814 

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