Savings in the doubledigit range with Next Generation 
Christian Oberwinkler, Managing Director, Komptech GmbH, Austria



Komptech machines for the mechanical and biological handling of solid waste are used throughout the world. In order to remain competitive internationally, it is essential for us to optimize our production processes on an ongoing basis. We were especially focused on optimizing production logistics, and Bossard stood by us every step of the way. I remember our initial contacts well, five years back when I took over the position of technical director at Komptech. Today, we especially rely on Bossard’s Next Generation solution, a comprehensive design and process optimization service. Using value stream analysis, Komptech was able to boost productivity in manufacturing and substantially reduce overall costs.

Since the beginning, our collaboration with Bossard has revolved around advancing ideas and products, always clearly focused on process optimization. The Next Generation concept was particularly germane: Bossard used value stream analysis to define future projects and their implementation. The first step was a preliminary meeting to spell out customer needs and expectations.

Production hall layout needed changing – Next Generation
The appropriate solutions were defined in more detail after intensive coordination with the production managers. After presentation of the results, implementation began. There were several hurdles to clear: The layout of the production hall needed a complete redesign, and we switched from conventional to synchronized fixed-station assembly. But it was all worth it in the end. Thanks to Next Generation from Bossard, we realized savings in the double digit range. We are very pleased to have such an excellent foundation so we can successfully face future challenges together with our reliable partner.


2014 Supplier Award
Komptech recognizes excellent performance with its Supplier Award. In 2014, we chose Bossard. Among our selection criteria are cost savings, quality and, last but not least, commitment. Komptech machines are used around the world so the quality of the materials and the security of supply must be guaranteed – a mandate that Bossard has fulfilled to our utmost satisfaction for over 30 years.



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