Excavating the solution for fastener safety
Shi Yanyu, General Manager Excavator Division, SDLG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

"Close cooperation increases product safety
and reduced inventory by 75 %"

At SDLG’s headquarters in Linyi, we produce 20,000 excavators and 50,000 wheel loaders every year. Volvo, a company known for its high safety standards, owns 70 percent of the company.

Also for us, safety is our top priority. Initially, screws from other suppliers were breaking during the assembly. Now, the fastener solutions from Bossard guarantee the safety of our machines, which helped us to lower process costs and to increase productivity.

Testing laboratory for fastening technology
We also created an engineering partnership and are working on problem solutions and product development together. For instance, the conditions of Bossard’s lab are better than ours. Bossard engineers test the broken fasteners in their lab and tell us how to prevent it.

Reduce stock level
In addition, by introducing SDLG to SmartBin, we were able to reduce our stock level by 75 percent without compromising availability. It provides the solution to inventory control. It is very convenient for us to get the information of inventory anytime. 

We will for sure strengthen our cooperation with Bossard for improved product solutions and logistics.

Ref. BOC-AE-TR-02815 

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