Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in fastening

To better explain the TCO model in fastening, we use the iceberg model.

On average, the fastener itself makes up to only around 15% of the total costs. The remaining 85% of the costs come from development, procurement, testing, inventories, assembly and logistics. This chain of events is adding costs to the entire fastening ecosystem.

Experience in the industry has shown that cost savings of 50% and more can be achieved in the areas of logistics and engineering. This has a lasting effect on the total costs of the end product. At Bossard, we recognize the facts and we understand your challenges. Every solution we create, is designed to reduce costs, according to the TCO concept in fastening.

This is what we call "The Rule of 15-85".

TCO-Model - Bossard 15/85-Rule


Cost of fastening elements

More than 1,000,000 screws, nuts, rivets, washers etc. are available in our warehouses.

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Development & Design

In the early stages of product design? Bossard Expert Design can support and give you the advantage in developing your product.

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Having the right kind of fasteners for your product is essential. To take full advantage, our experts are at your disposal to streamline your supplier base.

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Logistics and handling

The leaner and smarter your factory, the bigger your sustainable advantage. Bossard's Smart Factory Logistics is the key to smooth and seamless supply chain performance.

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Ordering and storage

ARIMS, the interactive supply chain platform provides you with full control of your material flow. Track your orders, manage your inventory interactively and access intelligent analytics. These functions enable improved supply chain predictability and efficiency.

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Quality assurance

Benefit from Bossard's engineering laboratories and the most modern measuring and testing facilities, with an ISO/IEC 17025 certification. Reduce your risks with quality assurance through quality laboratory services.

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Pre-assembly and assembly

You create great products. Bossard Assembly Technology Expert services help you find the right fastening solutions for manufacturing and make your company more competitive by slashing time to market.

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