Bossard Coating

Tribological dry coating is a system solution for mechanically stressed fastening elements and components, such as screws, nuts and washers. The coating is a non-electrolytically applied, thin layer with integrated lubrication properties and additional corrosion protection.


  • Small friction coefficient scattering
  • Protection against contact corrosion
  • Good sliding properties and thus protection against seizing up
  • No impact on mechanical properties
  • No risk of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Permanent lubrication

Overview of tribological dry coating types:

ecosyn®-lubric Black/Silver

ecosyn®-lubric is a high-performance dry lubrication and the simple, clean, secure and economic solution for efficient installation.

Product Features
  • Outstanding friction characteristics, low deviation
  • Clean, environmentally friendly coating
  • Easy handling for cost reduction
  • High assembly security in production and maintenance
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Bossard Coating AF 573

AntiFriction – for demanding, friction-reducing conditions at high pressure loads, proven slide function using MoS2 and high temperature resistance.

Product Features
  • High pressure resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Suitable for small and large dimensions
  • Very good sliding properties


Bossard Coating AF 559

AntiFriction – for demanding, abrasion-resistant requirements for process-secure self-tapping screws in aluminum using synthetic solid lubricants.

Product Features
  • Good sliding properties
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Seizure-free assembly in aluminium possible

CL 048/049

Bossard Coating CL 048/049

CleanLine – for the use of dry lubricants for sensitive fastening points with safe materials for occasional, technically unavoidable contacts with food or drinking water.

Product Features
  • Specific chemical composition
  • Good adhesion
  • Low rate of wear
  • Fungible technical cleanliness in packaging

TC 588

Bossard Coating TC 588

TopCoat – a thin wax coating layer for good sliding properties for self-tapping screws and small stainless steel screws without risk of pitting. When coat is applied at room temperature, it can also be used for nuts with polyamide insert.

Product Features
  • No pitting or cold welding
  • Process-secure initial assembly
  • Setting at room temperature
  • Assembly directly possible with self-tapping screws

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