Quicklock® circlips are used mainly for precision shafts, for tubes, cast parts and studs. The circlips reinforce heavy duty and support shaft when fixing into the position, as the axial forces can be well transmitted. Quicklock® circlips can compensate wider diameters of the shaft and therefore allow higher tolerances than without using circlips. The main benefit compared to classic solutions is that no groove is needed, which saves costs and time. The clamping force is very low, which makes it the ideal solution for low stress applications. When assembly, circlips can be easily pushed on to the shaft and locked into the position with initial tension. Then the shaft is secured.

  • Applications
  • Features
Quicklock circlips
  • Switches
  • Machines
  • Domestic appliance
  • Optics and electrical industries

Quicklock circlips
  • Available for shaft diameter 0.8-10 mm
  • Made of spring steel, hardened and tempered

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