SCHNORR® disc spring and bolt locking systems support the industry’s technical products which are exposed to dynamic forces. SCHNORR®’s high quality products ensure safe and efficient fastenings, even under strong forces and loads. Compared with normal stamping and turning productions, SCHNORR®’s fine blanking manufacturing process ensures less deformation, higher precision, better surface roughness and deburred edges.

  • Disc springs
  • Applications
  • Features
Schnorr Disc springs

There are two major advantages for the use of disc springs:

  • Used in static loading, it can highly raise its elastic force, hence, potential energy can be stored.
  • Fundamental to the successful application of a disc spring under these conditions is observing the minimum preload requirements and that the springs are correctly guided.
Schnorr Disc springs
  • Spindles
  • Control valves
  • High pressure pipelines
  • Pressure-relief valves and percussive machines.
Schnorr Disc springs
  • Top quality material
  • Ensure very high loads in the smallest of space
  • High dampening effect, when discs are stacked parallel
  • Minimum relaxation
  • Very high life cycle with dynamic loads

  • Bolt locking washers (safety washers)
  • Applications
  • Features
Schnorr bolt locking washers (safety washers)

Bolt locking washers (safety washers) are often used as locking elements for safety reasons in secure fastening solutions and anti-vibration. The geometric design is from the shape of bolt and screw, fastening torque and application circumstances. The safety is achieved through friction and mechanical locking effects. 

There are two versions of bolt lock washers (safety washers):

  • Type “S”, for screw sizes from M1.6 to M36, for normal requirements with a property class up to 8.8;
  • Type “VS”, for high-strength bolts from M5 to M30, for high pre-tensioning loads with a property class up to 10.9.
Schnorr bolt locking washers (safety washers)
  • Automotive engineering
  • Machinery
  • Agricultural and constructive engineering
  • Textile machines
  • Others with anti-vibration requirement, such as mowing machines.
Schnorr bolt locking washers (safety washers)
  • Highly anti-vibration and anti-loosening from positive locking serrations
  • Concentric force transmission and uniform axial loading force eliminate the bolt’s bending torque and deformation
  • The locking serrations can prevent friction and protect against damage to components
  • Prevent loss of pretension force and loosening problem, even after 1,500 stress cycles
  • High pretension from closed ring form design without burst-open issue.

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