Coatings and sealants upgrade standard screws and other fasteners with specific features. They secure against vibrations and against loss, seal in the thread, seal under the head, protect against corrosion, control friction and much more. Contrary to many mechanical means for anti-loosening, coatings and sealants do not affect the surface of joining parts. As coatings are applied directly on the fastener, fewer individual parts like washers, seals or O-rings are needed. This saves costs during procurement and time during assembly and increases process-safety.


Due to the decades of cooperation with qualified specialists in coating technologies, we can ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, availability and safety. These include:


  • Self-locking of internal and external threads for single and multiple use
  • Mechanical (friction) and chemical (adhesives) Solutions
  • Additional corrosion protection
  • Anti-friction coatings for more process reliability
  • Solutions for harsh environments, e.g. high and low temperatures, oil, gasoline, thinners
  • Reliable sealings for liquids and gases


We supply several branded coatings & sealants for fasteners, including the following:



Tribological dry coating


Slotted round nuts for hook spanners


Locking and sealing rings


Functional coating


Functional coating


Functional coating


Functional coating


Functional coating


Functional coating


The products listed here may not be available in all countries. In case of questions, please contact us.

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