Nyltite® locking and sealing rings add some specific characteristics to a fastening connection that e.g. washers do not. Typically, the Nyltite® ring will be put under the head of a screw, nut or rivet to lock the fastener in place while creating a sealing film which is highly resistant against harsh temperatures and chemical influences. When tightening the fastening connection with the Nyltite® element, the nylon ring flows inwards, away from the structurally outer rim. As a result, the connection is locked and sealed, it provides electrical insulation, thermal isolation and vibration resistance.

  • Applications
  • Features
Nyltite locking and sealing rings
  • Marine applications
  • Demanding industrial environments
  • Other harsh environments where it needs to withstand the contact with salt water, hot oil, refrigerants, alkalis, diluted mineral acids, most solvents and chemicals

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