Essentra leads the industry on plastic, fiber, foam and packaging products. The key performance through these divisions focus on light manufacture and distribution of high volume and essential components, including cable mountings, cable ducts, cable ties and other fiber management, etc.

  • Cable tie and cable mountings
  • Applications
  • Features
Essentra cable tie and cable mountings
As with other similar products, Essentra cable ties and cable mountings are focused on quality control and material selection, which brings the most suitable products for a variety of application environments and operational requirement, no matter for locking element, weather resistant, heat stability, extra heavy duty, or prevention of chemical attack. We can also provide one-piece mount cable tie, double headed type, or locking beaded cable ties.
From cable mountings you may choose either fast and flexible type with adhesive or stable type with screwing/riveting. There is always a great selection suitable for your application, four-way or two-way insertion.
Essentra cable tie and cable mountings
  • Different industries in OEM, MRO, or construction
Essentra cable tie and cable mountings
  • Available for indoor and outdoor selection
  • Stable bundling in relative environment

  • Fiber Management
  • Features
Essentra Fiber Management
Fiber bend limiting tubing can help you route and protect the fibers, eliminating problems against crashing, kinking or micro-bending. We provide accessories such as fiber clips, splice holder, rack bracket or the ones to fix and saddle tubes as well.

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