Nexans – Power accessories of transmission and distribution

Nexans power accessories provides high quality products for cables and lines networking, which are fitting for connecting, branching aluminum and copper conductors. We can offer you compression cable lugs, compression joints, mechanical cable lug, mechanical connector and the clamping tools, so to empower your business from low, medium and high voltage, connection technology, as well as customized solutions in power transmission and distribution.

  • Compression cable lugs
  • Applications
  • Features
Nexans compression cable lugs
Compression cable lugs have multiple shapes such as round solid, round stranded, sector solid, sector stranded and round stranded compressed on bare conductors exclusively. customer can choose copper-made cable lug for isolated, non-compacted conductor, or aluminum-made ones for aluminum conductors and cables.
Nexans compression cable lugs
  • VDE compliance
  • With and without inspection hole
  • Full size range

  • Mechanical cable lugs
  • Applications
  • Features
Nexans mechanical cable lugs
Mechanical cable lugs, the high strength aluminum alloy made, provide efficiency of connecting conductors from 1kV to 52kV. They are available with shear-off-head bolts either made of brass or high strength aluminum alloy. The simple application brings a larger range of conductor cross-section (16-1000 mm2). It can be used for copper and aluminum conductors.
Nexans mechanical cable lugs
  • Building & territories
  • High voltages & projects
  • Telecom & data transmission
  • Other transmission
  • Automation

  • Compression joints
Nexans compression joints
If you are looking for compression joints, either DIN standard, or specials, non-tension, non-tension reduction, or full-tension, copper made, or aluminum made, please contact us, we will introduce you a wider range of compression joints.

  • Mechanical connector
Nexans mechanical connector
Mechanical connectors are also available of connecting conductor from 1kV up to 52kV.

  • Clamps
Nexans clamps
For conductor material, we offer copper, high-strength aluminum alloy, and cast-iron groove clamps.

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