If you are looking for a screw that can do more than simply connect two parts, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a broad range of products suitable for numerous applications and materials, such as aluminium, thin sheet metal, steel, thermoplastics and wood. Make your installation process faster, safer and more durable with versatile and economical solutions from our many expert partners.


  • Self-drilling screws that require no pre-drilling for quick and efficient installation
  • Thread-cutting screws that create a mating thread in hard materials while still needing a low installation torque
  • Thread-forming screws for high clamp load and vibration resistance
  • Multifunctional screws with integrated washers for increased safety and part reduction


We supply several branded direct-assembly solutions and screws, including the following:



Self-tapping screws for light alloy materials


Screws for thermoplast


Self-drilling screws


Hex flange and locking screws


Self-drilling screws stainless steel


Screws for thermoplast

Ejot FDS

Screws for high-strength sheet metals


Screws for thermoplast


Self-tapping round washer head screws


Terasse/SPAX®-M/SPAX®-RA Wood and chipboard screws

Spacing screws/Hex socket universal screws






The products listed here may not be available in all countries. In case of questions, please contact us.

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