Delta PT® is a screw specifically developed for Thermoplastics.

Optimal material flow
Delta PT® screws have a narrow thread flank geometry, which causes minimum radial stress. This allows an unimpeded material flow for installation and reduces potential damage of the head.

Superior vibration resistance, anti-loosening
The thread pitch design brings a high clamping load, which is crucial to reduce the surface pressures and preload loss. It can also increase the service of life cycle.

High torsion and tensile strength
The V-shaped stress area can support a 50% higher torsional and tensile strength, even with a smaller thread pitch and shorter length.

Calculated performance for specific applications
The clamp load oriented DELTA® CALC calculation program simulates and predicts how the screw will perform in a given plastic. It shows qualitative predictions on how the joint will behave under both static and dynamic loading, to lay out the safety and reliability of the joints being tested. Bossard's technical applications laboratory can employ this to determine the values and the details of the assembly parameters, working with original components provided by the customer. Please contact Bossard for your request.

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