Mungo® – A strong, friendly and flexible anchor for your structure

Mungo® represents solutions with metal products, chemical products, nylon products, insulation fixing and other special products, which support the applications in steel metal, civil engineering, woodwork, façade scaffold, drywall, electrician, sanitary installation.

For your further questions and requests regarding anchoring solution, our product experts will provide you more information.

  • Metal products
  • Features
Mungo metal products
Among the most popular solutions in the Mungo line are throughbolts for use in applications of steel constructions, profiles, machines, substructures, high-racks, cable trays, railings and wooden constructions. Engineers can choose throughbolts for different base materials, such as various strength of concretes, natural stone or rock. Pre-drilling is required in application.
Mungo metal products
  • m1t, m1t-C, m1tr, for C20/25-C50/60 concrete
    • High corrosion resistant, zinc coating with min. 1000 hours salt spray test, or made by 316 stainless steel (A4)
    • Certified in Europe, ETA Option 1 (European Technical Approval)
    • High application availability, for both cracked and non-cracked concrete, or under seismic influence
    • High fire resistance, up to level F120
    • Small edge and spacing distances
    • Better interaction performance through hole with nine teeth
  • m2, m2-C, m2r, for C20/25 concrete
    • Available with Greentec® coating, hop dip galvanized, or made by 316 stainless steel (A4)
    • Certified in Europe, ETA Option 7
    • Suitable for non-cracked concrete
    • Higher loading force with better security from improved clip design with better expansion
    • Better shearing loads and fixed safe distance of bending moment
    • Simple setting process
    • Fast performance of installing torque

  • Chemical products
  • Features
Mungo chemical products
Chemical products and the accessories support the pre-installing process before anchoring fasteners. With various properties and application environments, we would recommend using different mortars, either for cool/high temperatures, or for different materials or for specific strength and loads. All of them will ensure your permanent and firm installation, which should fulfil your application in steel constructions, wooden constructions, façades, façades scaffolds, railings, high-racks, machines, staircases, ladders, cable trays, canopies, hand-rails or consoles. Customers can also choose mortars based on different base materials as concrete C20/25, perforated Brick, lightweight concrete, brick, sand-lime brick, natural stone, rock.
For chemical products, we can also offer injection guns and accessories for cleaning drilled holes.
Mungo chemical products
  • Certified in Europe, ETA Option 1
  • Available for both cracked and non-cracked concrete, or under seismic influence
  • Certified ETA for post-installed rebar connection
  • VOC free acc. to Swiss legislation (VOC: volatile organic compounds)
  • Documented with LEED test report
  • Certified for drinking water system
  • High loads in application
  • Suitable working for indoor (zinc plated coating anchor) and outdoor (stainless steel anchor)

  • Nylon products
  • Features
Mungo Nylon products
Nylon plugs, frame plugs, scaffold plugs and hammer screws are great choices for soft or hard base materials, such as concrete C20/25, lightweight concrete, sand-lime brick, natural stones, rock, perforated brick, gypsum. To install your pictures, lamps, holders, profiles, substructures, electric switches and rails, we recommend use of the nylon plugs made by high-quality polyamide PA6. For façade and roof substructures, ventilated façades, fixing for insulation, substructures, profiles, wardrobes or letter boxes, we recommend frame plugs. If you need to install façade scaffolds, climbing scaffolds or tensioning ropes, for instance, we can offer you the scaffold plugs.
Mungo Nylon products
  • Nylon plug:
    • Application for most kinds of building materials
    • Prevention from premature expansion with knock-in protection
    • Rotation resistance, when plug expanding, gripped immediately
    • M-Teeth guarantee radial expansion once screw inserted
    • Prevention from the plug breaking open
    • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Frame plug:
    • Certified of ETAG 020, multifunctional applications for non-structure (MQL, MB, MBR)
    • Fire resistance level F90 for façade systems
    • Rotation resistance
    • Prevention from premature expansion with knock-in protection
    • Through fixing

  • Insulation fixings
  • Features
Mungo insulation fixings
Insulation fixings (w/wo nails) are good choices to be fastened in the base materials such as concrete C20/25, lightweight concrete, brick, sand-lime brick, perforated brick. These fixings can solve application issues with soft insulating materials, pressure-resistant insulating materials, mineral wools, glass wools, wood-wool building slabs, thermal insulation composite, polyurethane rigid foam panels or polystyrenes.
Mungo insulation fixings

Insulation fixings with nails (plastic / steel)

  • Certified of ETAG 014 - A, B, C
  • Approved for Fixings of ETICS
  • Consisted of expansion plug with retaining disc and expansion nail with special head
  • Combined with MDD-VZ discs for soft insulating material
  • Fulfilled with shock resistant
  • Through fixing

Insulation fixings without nails

  • Reduced insulation level
  • Fulfilled with shock resistant
  • Reduced installation time
  • Through fixing

  • Special products
Mungo special products
Are you also looking for fast and simple products installed in plasterboard, chipboard, gypsum or lightweight concrete? Our solutions for this type of product include jet plug, cavity wall anchor and easy fix or toggles.

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