Bossard offers a wide range of hose clamps in various designs. Thanks to the materials from W1 to W5, suitable products can be found for all sectors. All products from one source, same manufacturer, are consistent with excellent quality with high availability.

All Mikalor products are developed and manufactured in Europe. Mikalor has an abundance of knowledge on their processes in terms of their research and development, prototype construction and tooling production. The high-end production lines guarantee uniform quality standards.

The Mikalor product range includes

  • One-ear clips
  • One-ear clips with stainless steel inner ring
  • Two-ear clips
  • Spring clips
  • Double wire clips
  • Single clamps
  • Hose clamps with worm gear, open
  • Hose clamps with worm gear, double bridge
  • Hose clamps with worm gear, for light pressure
  • Hose clamps with worm gear, for heavy pressure
  • Hinge bolt clamps
  • Assortment boxes
  • P shape connecting clamp
  • Types of tools

  • Applications
  • Features
Mikalor hose clamps with worm gear
  • Low, medium or high pressure
  • For compressed air or liquid applications

Mikalor hose clamps with worm gear
  • Available in various materials
  • Broad product range of hoase clamps
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Tailor made clamps as required

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