Wherever economical, non-detachable, safe and an easy to install connection is required, riveting technology is the right solution. Blind rivet nuts and blind riveting systems provide the solution for your one-sided access applications, from high-strengths applications to lightweight materials. If you require a high production output, speed riveting technology allows you to fasten up to 70 rivets per minute. For applications in high vibration environments, our portfolio of branded lockbolts systems ensures a safe and non-releasable connection.

Our comprehensive product range covers different rivet types, head shapes and diameters for any combination of materials. Be it steel, plastic and even composite materials and fiberglass. Our branded riveting solutions ensure a firm and secure connection:

  • Blind rivets
  • Blind rivet nuts
  • Lockbolts
  • Tools from battery and pneumatic powered hand tools to full Automation
  • Speed rivets


We supply several branded riveting products, including the following:


Blind rivet systems


Blind rivet nuts


Blind rivets


Speed rivets

 Fasteks Filko

Blind rivet nuts

Blind Fasteners/Lock Bolts


Blind rivet nuts

The products listed here may not be available in all countries. In case of questions, please contact us.

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