HUCK® – Structural blind fasteners and lockbolts

Lockbolts and structural blind fasteners from Huck® are designed to provide durable, vibration-resistant fastening solutions. Huck fasteners offer advantages which are not found in other fastening methods, including quick and easy installation, elimination of the need for inspection / replacement, and cost savings.
Each fastener in Huck's product portfolio has its own distinctive features, which ensures that we can offer a product for nearly any application. Huck fasteners are used in a wide range of industries, including commercial vehicle and trailer construction, automotive, heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors, local and long-distance bus and rail construction, and renewable energy production facilities. We can offer a wide range of lockbolts, structural blind fasteners and tool systems.

  • Structural blind fasteners
  • Features
Huck structural blind fasteners

Huck blind fasteners are ideal for situations where access to the connecting materials is only possible from one side. Structural blind rivets are up to the highest demands due to their enormous shear strength and high tensile strength. Even large components can be permanently connected without distortion.

Huck blind fastener solutions include:

  • Magna-Lok
  • Magna-Bulb
  • BOM
  • HuckLok
  • Auto-Bulb
  • FloorTight
  • Magna Tite
Huck structural blind fasteners
  • Secure fastening even under extreme vibration
  • Maintenance-free connections
  • re-tightening not necessary
  • Lower cost of connection over the entire service life
  • high shear and tensile strengths ensure longer service life of the connection
  • Improves health and safety
  • replacement for welded joints
  • Safe to touch
  • Only removable after installation with special tools

  • Lockbolts
  • Features
Huck Lockbolts

Huck® lockbolts are a two-piece, precision-engineered fastener system, which will never come loose after installation. No matter how intense the vibration of the environment is, it can provide a metal-to-metal connection, which eliminates any form of transverse vibration (commonly found in conventional nut and bolt connections). Constructed for a wide range of applications, these Lockbolts provide superior connection strength, high shear and tensile strength.

Huck lockbolt fastener solutions include:

  • Bobtail
  • Magna-Grip C50L, C6L, C120L
  • Hucktainer
Huck Lockbolts
  • Only removable after installation with special tools
  • High shear and tensile load
  • Constant high clamping force
  • Very good vibration resistance
  • Protection against unintentional loosening
  • Easy and quick to process
  • Maintenance-free connections
  • Re-tightening not necessary
  • Replacement for welded joints
  • Safe to touch

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