bigHead® is the fastening solution for composite materials available in over 400 standard versions. Due to their versatility, bigHead® can be surface-mounted with either adhesive or completely embedded. Customers in automotive, marine, energy and mechanical engineering and the furniture industry can draw on a wide range of alternatives to conventional fastening technologies.

The unique bigHead® design gives you design and process benefits
A bigHead is a wide range of fixings, such as threaded studs, nuts or collars, welded to a Head. This flexible design allows a fixing point to be integrated discretely into a plastic or composite workpiece without any punching or drilling. The bigHead is either embedded into the workpiece or surface bonded with adhesive. With either process the workpiece is not damaged or weakened.

  • Fasteners embedded in composites
  • Features
bigHead fasteners embedded in composites
This secure solution eliminates secondary operations by integrating the fastener within the composite manufacturing process.  The fastener is embedded in exactly the right position from the mold tool.  bigHead® fasteners are especially designed to be embedded, ensuring strong connections without weakening the composite product or increasing its thickness and weight.
bigHead fasteners embedded in composites
  • Lightweight design, up to 66% lighter compared to the traditional bolts
  • Space and weight saving, no additional composite material needed to anchor the bolt
  • Precisely and directly positioned in the workpiece
  • Anti-loosening, vibration proof
  • No secondary operations, more efficient installation
  • Withstands high tensile and torsional loads

  • Surface bonding with adhesive
  • Features
bigHead surface bonding with adhesive
For composite panels that are too thin for embedding a fastener, adhesive bonding is an effective and discrete alternative. Since no drilling is needed, the workpiece structure remains strong. The glue can flow through the holes in the perforated Head, then bond on the workpiece strongly and reliably.
bigHead surface bonding with adhesive
  • No drilling hole in composite workpiece
  • Anti-loosening, vibration proof
  • Simple application, no special tooling required
  • Optimized design for surface mounting

  • A design partner
  • Features
bigHead design partner
A design partner – turn your ideas into reality
With the great advantage of having their own innovation and engineering services, bigHead® provides you with customized fastening solutions for your applications.
bigHead design partner
  • Design in lightweight composite without compromise
  • Replace drilling, riveting and welding
  • Simplify production processes
  • Embed bigHead® in the composite material precisely
  • Explore new ways of using composite materials
  • Develop expertise on the performance of composite materials under stress
  • Prototype new design ideas

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