Customer and task

Griesser AG is a company situated in Aadorf, Switzerland and employs 1,250 people.

Automated and controlled, Griesser solar shading systems don't just help prevent overheating and glare, they also allow to save energy. The right automatic solar shading product guarantees maximum comfort and security.


For the installation of electric shading systems, the usage of plastic fasteners like cable ties are needed. In the past, the challenge was always to ensure that the cable ties do not become embrittle when exposed to extreme sun over a prolonged period.


A weather proof cable tie has a higher resistance and can be used up to 85° C. As Griesser focusses on high quality products, using cable ties with polyamid 6.6, was the solution. Based on that, a proposal for rational pre-installation and adjustment of the cable ties was made.

Customer benefits

With a new system of cable ties, warranty work can now be avoided and quality has been improved. The blinds can be supplied faster and easier. This saves costs in the production process of Griesser AG.

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