Extrusion parts

Material, form, manufacturing tolerances and similar requirements decide whether a special item can be manufactured using the cold- or hot extrusion process.

Turned and milled parts
When high precision, low tolerances and complicated forms are required, then metal-cutting production involving turning, milling and drilling is often to be recommended.

Punched and bent parts
Fastening elements, washers and many other parts for machinery and equipment construction are formed by punching and bending technologies.

Finishes and secondary operations

Special customer requirements can be addressed by special finishes or secondary operations either on standard products or specialty items:

  • Customer-specific set
  • Mechanical treatments like shortening, thread-cutting, drilling of fastening and split-pin holes, lathing of thin shanks and grooves
  • Heat treatments
  • Tribological dry coating Bossard ecosyn®-lubric
  • Color coatings
  • TufLok® grip coating
  • Precote® adhesive coating
  • Nystay® retaining ring / protection against loss
  • Underhead seals Nyseal® and Nyplas®
  • Nickel-Teflon-coatings
  • Anodising
  • Zinc-aluminium slat coatings (e.g. Geomet®)
  • All kinds of zinc plating (incl. Cr(VI)-free coatings)

Full overview

Turned- and milled parts


  • All machinable steels
  • Non-ferrous metals and plastic
  • Many special-purpose steels

From prototype to full production run, depending on part type and machine type.


Hot extruded parts


  • All established materials including rust- and acid-resistant stainless steels
  • Special purpose materials such as e.g. nymonic on request

From prototype to product run.


Cold extruded parts


  • Various steels
  • Rust-resistant A2 and A4 steels
  • Aluminium, brass
  • Special-purpose steel and titanium on request

Special-purpose steel and titanium cold extruded parts and multi-stage parts on request from about 50,000 items, depending on part shape and size.


Stamped- and bent parts


  • All established steels
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Rust-resistant A2 and A4 steels
  • Alloys

Individual items, small to large production runs depending on part geometry. Small production runs can also be cut with laser or water jet.


Bent strip parts


  • All established steels
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Rust-resistant A2 and A4 steels

Small to large production runs depending on type and dimensions. Quantities are conditional on tools and depend on part geometry.


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