Bossard ecosyn®-lubric stands for tribological dry coating, which is needed for fastening elements that are exposed to high load. Application areas are railcars, turbines, electricity generation and process engineering.

Since extensive lubrication is not needed, process costs reduce. The fastening elements are coated, which has a positive impact on friction coefficients and corrosion protection.

Fastening elements such as screws, washers and nuts are delivered ready for assembly. 

Bossard ecosyn®-lubric is available in black and silver.

ecosyn○-lubric - simple   Simple

  • No costly lubrication
  • No risk of galling with stainless fastening elements 
  • Easy to disassemble


ecosyn○-lubric - safe   Safe

  • Lubrication cannot be forgotten
  • Exact lubrication at all times
  • Lubrication is also guaranteed in maintenance work              


ecosyn○-lubric - clean   Clean

  • Clean components and hands 
  • No costly cleaning work
  • No disposal of empty containers


ecosyn○-lubric - economical   Economical

  • No lubrication plans and instructions required
  • Short assembly time
  • Better corrosion resistance

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