ecosyn○ MRX the ideal screw for fastening chrome steel

The screws are manufactured from a martensitic, hardened and tempered chrome steel with higher resistance to corrosion (comparable with A2 grade stainless steel). Besides aluminium also sheet steel and rust-resistant thin sheet metal can be drilled through.





 ecosyn○ stamped drill points  Self-cutting screws
 Stamped drill points: safe and secure
 drilling without the need for prior
 center punching.
 Self-cutting screws: fasten efficiently 
 without the need of a pilot hole.




  • Strength greater than A2 or A4
  • No erosion in the thread, even when using rust-resistant thin steel sheet
  • No surface corrosion
  • High drilling performance
  • Corrosion-resistant connections are economic and offer top reliability

Areas of applicaiton and use:

  • Sheet metal construction
  • Heating and ventilation ducts
  • Household machines
  • Vehicle body construction
  • Window frames and blinds
  • Façade construction
  • Conservatories and winter gardens
  • Construction of cabins
  • ...and many more

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